Top 6 Sustainable Designer Fashion Brands to watch

According to BOF and McKinsey’s recent report ‘The State of Fashion 2021’, Sustainability is the 2nd largest growing trend within fashion, only trumped by the digital trend which has been turbocharged by the pandemic. It may be late, it may be lagging behind, but sustainability is here to stay and get bigger and bigger. We are hopeful that one day it will be so common we don’t even have to use the word anymore, that it’ll just be a given. Until then...we are having a look at the hottest sustainable brands out there right now:



Reformation really is the front runner in Sustainability. It’s not an afterthought, it’s not a marketing gimmick - the brand was brought up being the Sustainable fashion brand celebrating the feminine figure.

Ref is working on minimizing their waste, water and energy footprints. Each product tracks their carbon dioxide emission, water usage and generated waste. With the aim to reduce the impact on the planet, from production and manufacturing sustainably, Ref also invests in  offsetting the resources spent. This lovely formula has meant that Ref has been carbon neutral since 2015.

On top of all of that, Ref has managed to make Sustainability hip, cool, and an influencer sensation. We need more of this please.

Our favourite Ref item right now is the Resnick floral print mini dress

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Rejina Pyo

The London based fashion house has quite frankly reinvented modern wearable pieces, with encouraging individuality that lasts. Rejina Pyo isn't’ about trends, rather focus on relevance over time. Each piece is made to stand out, but only enough to be individual without taking over the entire room.

Rejina Pyo works hard on slowing down fashion, whilst caring for the people, animals, materials and processes involved in producing their garments. With actually taking the time to build relationships with factories and suppliers, Rejina Pyo has a handle on fair working conditions unlike many fashion businesses. When it comes to material choices, longevity is at the heart of all their choices, along with reducing water and energy usage.

Rejina Pyo is here to stay, and we couldn’t be happier.

Check out our favourite from their recent collection, Elliot oversized collar shirt

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RE/DONE is not like any other luxury label. RE/DONE creates individuality by keeping heritage brands relevant and creating sustainable fashion. Each RE/DONE jean is created from vintage levis jeans, stitched apart, and put together in a modern, individual cut, whilst keeping the stories of the pre-loved jean. On top of that, the process is using water conserving methods without harsh chemicals.

When buying a pair of RE/DONE jeans, you are not only investing in sustainability, your jeans will carry stories of past travels, hopeless romances, good and bad memories, heartaches and bum squeezes. When investing in RE/DONE, you are investing in a carefully curated vintage wine. Now, how can this not give you the bees knees. 

The Stove Pipe jeans is our favourite piece of fine wine right now.

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Filippa K

Filippa K is what happens when you take a sprinkle of Scandinavian minimalism, a dash of comfort & fit, and a pinch of international longevity. The clothes are made to last, make you feel comfortable and confident for long, thus being a frontrunner for slow fashion. 

The Filippa K item is made to last, from owner to owner, generation to generation. The for Rs are engraved in everything they do; Reduce, Repair, Reuse, and Recycle. A Filippa K item is used 75 times on average, vs industry average of 7, making it 10 times the value, and causes 10 times less constraints on the planet. What we need is more Filippa K, less of the average.  Wouldn't’ that just be awesome.

Our favourite right now, the Janessa Puffer Jacket

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The Queen of sustainable sneakers. The pioneer, the aim for many of us. We keep being amazed by how this brand keeps inventing and reinventing the sneaker world.

The Veja sneaker costs 5 times more to produce than the average big brand sneaker. This cost is a combination of organic materials, fair working conditions and pay, and the constant investment in research and development, the key pillar making Veja more and more sustainable every year. Basically the cost of making sustainable sneakers. If you are anything like us, we understand the price tag of these sneakers, and we are quite happy to pay that.

 Also, have you ever thought about what Veja means? It’s brazilian for ‘look’, Looking beyond the sneakers, looking at how they are made. Isn’t that just beautiful.

Our favourite pair of Veja’s are the V-10 leather low top sneakers

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Copenhagen born, a leader of the Scandinavian fashion scene, Ganni has completely stolen the hearts of its international audience. The style, described by its founder and creative director Ditte Reffstrup as "a more playful and effortless approach to design, that represents how I want to dress and look, with room for personality, contracts and experimentation".

Whilst GANNI does not identify themselves as a sustainable brand due to its contradiction with consumptions, they are focusing on being the most responsible version of themselves. What GANNI have achieved today on their road to full responsibility are 3 UN Sustainable development goes; Gender Equality, Responsible Production and Consumption and Climate action. Ganni had a busy year last year launching a take-back scheme, a rental platform and 30+ additional responsibility initiatives. They’ve been busy, and we applaud.

Our favourite Ganni item right now is the Bishop Sleeves Crew Neck Jumper 

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