The Goodfound story

The Goodfound is a fashion Boutique dedicated to environmental conscious apparel and accessories. You will be showcased handpicked products from the leaders of environmentally conscious fashion brands. Every brand in the Goodfound Boutique meets at least one of our 4 sustainability pillars, either working on reducing their carbon footprint, using considered materials, having fair working conditions across all its employees and workers or committed to reducing waste. Our aim is that by the year 2025 all brands featured in our Boutique will meet all 4 pillars. We are not perfect, but we are working hard at sharing a more sustainable fashion future with you.

Reducing Carbon Footprint

The Fashion industry is responsible for more carbon emission that the global flights and shipping industries combined. We are celebrating the brands that are rethinking the way they are operating.

Considered Material choices

7,500L of water is used to produce one pair of jeans. Discover the Goodfound edit of brands that have focused on using more sustainable materials and ingredients, that protects its workers and the environment.

Fair Working Conditions

Child labour, hazardous working conditions, unfair pay and long hours; these are all synonyms for today’s clothing production. The Goodfound has teamed up with brands that eliminate this nasty side of the industry.

Reducing Waste

From 85% of the waste going to landfills, to destroying unsold goods, the Goodfound has teamed up with the brands that are rethinking the textile lifecyle